About the VSRU

The Victorian Schools’ Rugby Union (VSRU) was formed on 10 October 1972 although the first recorded games of Rugby at school level were played between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar in the nineteenth century. The early matches of the newly formed union were a series of invitations between Geelong Grammar, Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College played at the end of their Australian Rules football season.

In 1933 the VRU first introduced the code to State Schools and in 1934 established the Victorian Junior Rugby Union. While at the same time some of what was then known as the ‘public’ schools, notably Scotch College, and the Royal Australian Naval College (RANC) continued to arrange inter-school matches and together with the VJRU organised occasional games against interstate teams.

In the 1950s Scotch College remained the strongest team of the period with, the only other contender being Geelong Grammar with undefeated 1st XV’s four times in the 1960s.

Initially, rugby matches were only played between the schools from the Associated Public Schools of Victoria, but that has since grown to include schools from the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria, the Associated Catholic Colleges of Victoria, State Government schools, and provincial country schools.

Since 1991, the VSRU competition has been formalised with ladders and competition winners recognised amongst a number of different grades and age groups.

The VSRU participating schools include:

Brighton Grammar School, Melbourne Grammar School, Trinity Grammar School, Carey Grammar School, Melbourne High School, Xavier College, Geelong Grammar School, Haileybury College, Marcellin College, Scotch College, St.Kevin’s College and St.Patrick’s College.

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