Spirit of Rugby Award

The Old Boys Rugby Club, is offering sporting scholarships of up to $1,000 cash plus a suite of support services as part of the Spirit of Rugby Award.

The scholarships honour the spirit of rugby in its search for rugby players who exemplify the attributes that represent: leadership, community endeavour and sporting excellence.

Applications for graduating high school student-athletes planning to play at Old Boys Rugby Club in 2021 are now open and will close at 5 pm on Friday 29 October 2021.

The Spirit of Rugby Award
The Spirit of Rugby Award will support student-athletes striving to balance the competitive rugby union pathway with community minded individuals. Successful scholarship applicants will be emerging or talented rugby union players with a desire to continue playing competitively at Old Rugby Club.

We invite applications from community minded student-athletes who are:

  • completing their secondary school education in 2021
  • committed to representing the Old Boys Rugby Club
  • planning to enrol at the University or TAFE course in 2022
  • eligible to play for the Old Boys Rugby Club’s Colt’s team during 2022 (U20’s as at 1st January, 2022).

The Award recipient will receive a rugby scholarship that includes either:

  • a $500 cash payment from the Old Boys Rugby Club1; or
  • a cash payment of $1,000 rugby scholarship from the Old Boys Rugby Club1; and
  • access to support services during the scholarship period2
We will also offer special scholarships to attract front row forwards.  

Spirit of Rugby

The values of rugby are both immediately understood by people who love our game and yet eternally escape definition. Perhaps this is because humility is among the foremost values of rugby: they are better expressed through deeds than words.

Helping an opponent up after you’ve tackled him to the ground. Clapping off a wounded player.  Respecting the referee, no matter the lunacy of his interpretations. Having a drink with your opposite number after the game, no matter how willing the contest.

The Old Boys Rugby community should strive to embody these values. We bring together a diverse group of people to share their passion for rugby, to help grow the game in Victoria, but we do so with respect for each other, in recognition that we all share a common goal. Even though we may disagree, we can still share a drink, enjoy each other’s company and work together for the common good.

1 Provision of the rugby scholarship is contingent on the award recipient joining the Old Boys Rugby Club for the 2021 season and will be payable in two instalments of equal value in April and July, 2021.

2 The support services are facilitated as part of the Elite Athlete Program and include a range of in-kind service support and subsidies.