Old Boys Rugby Club Policies
The Old Boys Rugby Club have some club specific policies not covered by the ARU Policies. The following Policies can be downloaded here:

 OB Code of Conduct
 OB Alcohol Management Policy
 OB Safe Transport Policy
 OB Smoke Free Policy
 OB Illicit Drug Use Policy
 OB Child Safety Policy

RA Policy Register
The Rugby Australian has developed policies to provide players, administrators and any other entities involved in Rugby an additional reference for issues that are outside the scope of the Laws of the Game and in addition to the IRB Regulations.

All players, non-playing members and match officials are required to register for coverage under the Rugby Australia National Insurance Scheme. Clubs and Associations must adhere to the following registration regulatory requirements for online:

  1. self-registration for ALL players, non-playing members (committee members and team officials – coaches, managers, first aid/medical etc.) and match officials; and
  2. payment for ALL Players (full or part payment).

For more information on Registration including Levies » click here

The Australian Rugby Union has arranged the ARU Sports Injury and Liability Insurance Plan on behalf of our Member Unions, their Affiliate Unions, Clubs and Referee Associations. All participants (Players, Coaches, Officials) must be registered with the ARU in order to obtain coverage under the plan.

For more information on the ARU Insurance » click here

Concussion Management
It is a requirement that all players who suffer a concussion seek the highest level of medical care reasonably available to ensure concussion is managed appropriately.

For more information on Concussion Management » click here

Player Clearance & Transfers (Domestic within Australia)
There may be practical reasons for players to change clubs. For example, players may trial with one club but end up playing for another in the actual competition or change clubs and unions due to relocation of work.

For more information on Clearances » click here

Note: In Rugby Link a ‘CLEARANCE’ request is what has previously been known as a ‘TRANSFER’.

Injury Claims
 RA QBE Sports Injury Claim Form

Games Management / Law Changes
 RA Game Management Guidelines for Community Level Rugby in Australia 2016
 World Rugby Law Changes 2016