Our Purpose

Every organisation needs to define its purpose. It helps attract new people to the cause and provides focus for those already on-board.

The purpose of the Old Boys Club is to:

1. provide a pathway for schools player’s (VRSU and public) into senior rugby;
2. to be a home for lovers of rugby in Victoria post school;
3. support the game of rugby in the schools competition; and
4. to burnish the wonderful values of Rugby.

Pathway for schools player's into senior rugby

There is a substantial drop off in VSRU and public year 12 rugby players from continuing to play rugby beyond their school years. By focusing resources and culture to support this transition Old Boys Club hopes to maximise the number of players that will transition to senior rugby.

A home for lovers of Rugby post school

As with player numbers there is also a substantial drop off in school parents from continuing to support rugby beyond their child’s school years.  By focusing resources and culture to support this transition Old Boys Club hopes to maintain many of these links. 

So many people who have played this game or supported family or friends playing the game absolutely love it. They want to come together and share their passion for the game.

Through its playing activity, social functions and social media, the Old Boys Club will look to maintain a community of people who love rugby and want to see it grow in Victoria.

Our inspiring and unifying cause provides a sense of purpose for our on field activities and off field social functions that make them more than ‘just another rugby body’.

Support the game of Rugby in school competitions

In 2019 in a State with more than 6.3 million people, 3,751 Victorians registered to play XVs rugby.  The VSRU and public competitions comprises about 4,000 players.  A noticeable decline over the last ten years. 

Columbia had more registered rugby players. Singapore had more than 10,000 registered players, with a population of just 5.5m. Aussie Rules had more than 75 registered players in Victoria for every 1 registered rugby player.

We can do better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see an increase in the number of people playing rugby in the school competitions over the next  5 years?

There is no shortage of good ideas for growing rugby in the schools. What is in short supply is funds and resources – experience, organisational capability, influence – to bring those ideas to life.

The Old Boys will help support the game of Rugby in the schools by providing a pathway for ongoing involvement of the community with Rugby post player departure from their school. 

Not everyone who shares our purpose wants to be a financial member of the Old Boys Club. The Old Boys Club is the organising centre of a wider community of like-minded people, who attend functions and join our cause.

The embodiment of Rugby values

The values of Rugby are both immediately understood by people who love our game and yet eternally escape definition. Perhaps this is because humility is among the foremost values of Rugby: they are better expressed through deeds than words.

Helping an opponent up after you’ve tackled him to the ground. Clapping off a wounded player. Respecting the referee, no matter the lunacy of his interpretations. Having a drink with your opposite number after the game, no matter how willing the contest.

The Old Boys should strive to embody these values. We bring together a diverse group of people to share their passion for rugby, to help grow the game in Victoria, but we do so with respect for each other, in recognition that we all share a common goal. Even though we may disagree, we can still share a drink, enjoy each other’s company and work together for the common good.