The Old Boys [& Girls] Rugby Union Football Club of Victoria (Old Boys Club) has had various antecedents dating back to as early as the 1920s fielding teams in the local Melbourne competition.

Past records are limited and those which are available lack clarity in delineating the events of the time and, without the benefit of advice from persons of the era, it has not been possible to trace exact historical events as they occurred. However, we do know that on 26/07/1933 the first general meeting of the Camberwell Rugby Union Football Club took place, that the club obtained the use of grounds near Scotch College along Gardiner’s Creek and that the new club’s colours were broad black and white hoops with black shorts and black socks with whit tops. 

The name was changed to Old Boys Rugby Union Football Club of Victoria on 15/02/1934 and three teams (two named Old Boys and one named Melbourne Old Boys) were fielded in the 1934 VRU competition. 

The inaugural presentations of the Norman B. Wilson Trophy and the J.J. King Trophy for the most improved club player and most improved reserve grade player respectively was made in 11/11/1936. However, even though the membership old Boys continued to increase, its playing performance was not sufficiently strong to auger well for the club.  

Following the 1938 season negotiations were initiated the Melbourne Rugby Club with a view to combining the two clubs.  The management committees met on the 15/03/1939 and both agreed to recommend amalgamation on the following basis that the:

  • name of the combined club be Melbourne Rugby Club;
  • colours of the Old Boys be the colours of the combined club; and
  • management committee of the combined institution be drawn from both clubs on a 50/50 basis.

Thus from 1939-1942 the Melbourne Rugby Club played in the Old Boy’s colours of black and white hoops.  As with rugby union across Australia, enlistments in the armed forces following the onset of the Second Worlds War led the combined VRU to shut down the local competition in 1941 for “the duration”.  

During 1955 Old Scotch Collegians was established comprising alumni from Scotch College.  They fielded two teams in the 1956 VRU competition.  They continuously fielded either  two or three teams each year until 1971.  In 1972 the club changed its name to Hawthorn and continued to play with two teams.  In 1987 Hawthorn and Kiwis merged to form the Kiwi Hawthorn Rugby Club.  This combined club continues to play rugby at Auburn Road Reserve, Boroondara. 

During 2020 Old Boys & Girls Rugby Union Football Club of Victoria was again re-establishing with the specific purpose of supporting for a group of young men and women rugby players not currently fully catered for by the existing institutions of rugby in Victoria.  

Old Boys maintains close links with the schools that play rugby and their alumni that represent the core of its history.